Private weekly lessons are offered in several programs, 45 or 60 minutes in length, depending on the student’s level. Instruction is focused on developing the total musician and cultivating a lifelong love of music. All programs consist of sight reading, ear training, technical development, repertoire, theory, history, improvising, and transposing.

Students are required to have an acoustic piano and metronome at home for daily practice.


Beginners of any age spend two to three years learning the basics of music. I offer the choice of several current method books to lay a good foundation and achieve steady progress. As students progress through the final year, they may begin the transition into the classical program.


I offer instruction in all levels from grade 1 to ARCT of the widely-recognized Royal Conservatory of Music. Students develop their technical facility and music reading ability, as well as gain an understanding of historical styles and interpretation. In addition, students develop ear and musicianship skills. Students in this program may choose to prepare for an exam.


For students wishing to round out their musical skills in order to play in a band or as a church musician, I can provide instruction and coaching that draws on curriculums of the Royal Conservatory of Music Keyboard Harmony and Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms, and my own experience to develop a skilled musician. Students will work on ear training, improvisation, transposing, transcribing, and expanding their theoretical knowledge. Students learn how to play from fake books, lead sheets, and other score types beyond a standard piano score.

Suggested prerequisites: RCM Level 6 Piano and Theory.

Performance Opportunities

Many performance opportunities are available for students. During the year, students participate in regular studio performance classes – a relaxed environment for students-only to build confidence and skill in performing from memory. Two studio recitals per year provide opportunities to perform for a larger audience and celebrate student success. For students who wish an extra challenge, preparation is also offered for exams, festivals, local ORMTA events, or Kanata Music Club recitals.


He has absolutely adored having you for a teacher…you have been perfect for him. Thanks so much for your patience and hard work.

Tracy C.