2017-2018 Piano Policy


  • Lessons begin Monday, September 11, 2017 and will conclude no later than Friday, June 15, 2018.
  • The 2017-2018 calendar spans 37 weeks, and includes one flex week which I may use to reschedule one lesson due to my accompanying commitments. I guarantee the number of lessons as indicated below.
  • No lessons will be scheduled during the Christmas and March Breaks. No lessons will be conducted on statutory holidays, or the Saturdays of long weekends.


  • Tuition is based on a set program of private lessons (the actual number of lessons is indicated below), 3 performance group lessons, and 2 recitals. While the number of events varies from month to month, the total fee for the year is divided evenly over ten months.
  • Students in grade 6 piano and up require 60-minute lessons.
  • Students also taking a theory course will need additional lesson time.
Lesson Day Number of lessons Lesson length Fee No lessons conducted on:
Tues., Wed. & Thurs. 36 45 minutes $135/month
60 minutes $180/month
Fri. 35 45 minutes $132/month Good Friday
60 minutes $175/month
Mon. 32 45 minutes $120/month Thanksgiving, Family Day, Easter, Victoria Day
60 minutes $160/month
Extra or summer lessons $50/hour
  • Tuition for the year is payable in September by ten post-dated cheques. Cheques should be dated the first of the month, in the amount indicated, payable to “Kathleen Prochnau.” Receipts for tax purposes are provided upon request.
  • To reserve your lesson time for the upcoming year, please provide a cheque for September’s payment, post-dated September 1, 2017 with your registration. The remaining nine cheques are due by the end of September. If you have registered for lessons and change your mind, September’s fee is non-refundable after August 1, 2017.


  • When you register, you are reserving your weekly lesson time for the year. My ability to offer makeup lessons is dependent on another student’s cancellation and adequate notice from you. I cannot guarantee a makeup lesson for any of the following reasons: family holiday, school functions, extra-curricular activities, appointments of any kind, camps, or field trips. If you have a conflict, please email as soon as possible; your cancellation may help another student. I require at least one week’s notice.
  • In case of sickness, please notify me as soon as possible. If your child stayed home from school due to sickness, they should also stay home from their lesson.
  • Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be re-scheduled.
  • Lesson time will not be extended for late arrivals.
  • If a situation arises in which a family must discontinue lessons mid-year, I require one month of paid notice. The remaining cheques will be returned to you. No refunds will be granted after April 1, 2018. When you register for lessons, please be prepared to make the commitment from September to June.
  • I reserve the right to dismiss students who consistently do not practice or miss numerous private or group lessons.

Student Responsibilities

  • Instrument. All students are required to have a piano at home for daily practicing. I recommend a tuned, acoustic piano. A metronome is also required for levels 1 and up.
  • Practicing. Students need to practice daily and make weekly progress on all parts of the assignment. Please read your weekly assignment sheet at the beginning of every practice session. Parents, please help your child succeed by making piano a part of your child’s regular daily routine. Some guidelines:
First year 20-30 min. daily
Second year to level 4 30-45 min. daily
Levels 5-7 45-60 min. daily
Level 8 60-90 min. daily
Levels 9, 10, & ARCT 90-120 min. daily
  • Performance Opportunities. Students are expected to attend three performance group lessons and two recitals as part of their music education. As significant planning is required for these events, students should email me if they are unable to attend. A calendar will be posted on the website in September. Participation in exams, festivals, and music club is suggested, but not mandatory. Input from students and parents is important in setting these goals. Students should only register for exams and festivals after consulting with me. If a student has an opportunity to perform at school or local events, I would appreciate the opportunity to help them properly prepare.
  • Materials. Students should bring all their books to every lesson. A book list will be provided when you register. Students/parents are expected to pay for all student materials. Students are expected to take care of any materials borrowed from my personal library and replace items lost or damaged. Weekly homework assignments are emailed home at the end of each lesson. Handouts are given throughout the year, and many students prefer to keep these pages in a binder.
  • Lesson Day. Please arrive on time and come in without ringing the doorbell. Students should come to lessons with trimmed fingernails and clean hands. Students may wait in the hall briefly before or after lessons, but this is not an appropriate waiting area for extended periods of time. Please park on my side of the street and leave the driveway open for my family.

Staying in Touch

  • The best way to reach me is by email, in which case I will reply or call you. If you wish to discuss your child’s progress or have a question about a weekly assignment, please feel free to call me at (613) 864-4895 in the early afternoon. I do not take calls while I am teaching, after 9 p.m., or on weekends.
  • Parents are welcome to sit in on occasional lessons.
  • Homework, newsletters, and invoices are sent by email. Please be sure to provide your current email address(es).